What is the Easy-Tie?

The Must Have Functional Dog Lead Accessory, BRAND NEW To The UK & The Only Product Of Its Kind!!

The Easy-Tie is a clever, functional accessory. It allows you to Safely, Easily & Quickly secure your dog to a café table, railing, post etc, without taking the lead off the collar.

Dogs often see the releasing of their lead as permission to roam freely (some with haste). This is bad news if you're in a public area or by a roadside. The Easy-Tie keeps your dog safe, reduces the hassle when securing them, and is about 10 times quicker than the 'Old Way'. In short, the Easy-Tie helps you to stay in control of your dog!


Who is it for?

Easy-Tie is suitable for all dogs, from small pups to the largest breeds. It has been rigorously tested to the highest of standards. Whether you quickly pop into a shop, or lounge at your favourite cafe/beer garden, the Easy-Tie offers less hassle, increased safety & speed for when you need to secure your dog. 

Many of our customers also tell us that the Easy-Tie is great as a control mechanism for their exciteable puppies (as well as some exciteable adult dogs).

Supports dogs of up to 17kg (small/medium) & 28kg (large). Dogs over 28kg, owner's discretion.
Red centre lock button for added strength and security
Made from strong Polypropylene webbing
Super strong Acetyl buckle

Benefits of the Easy-Tie
Easier, Safer & Quicker!
More control
Centre lock for added security
Fits compactly on retractable & material leads
Less fiddling when securing your dog
Quick to secure their dog while hosing down after walks
Control gadget for puppies
10x faster than the 'Old Way'
User Information

Dogs should not be left unattended for long periods of time, and should always have a fresh supply of water
Store in a clean, dry environment away from pets and children
Inspect your Easy-Tie regularly for wear and replace when necessary
Always engage the centre lock when using the Easy-Tie