PlexiDor Pet Doors Security Plate Sliding Tracks


A brand new development making it easier and quicker to fit the security plate to PlexiDor door and wall units (not applicable to the Small PlexiDor as this does not have a security plate). 
Whether you leave your home for an extended period or want added security every day, the sliding track accessory makes it easy. Simply attach the left and right tracks to the interior frame and slide the steel security plate down the tracks. Then secure the plate in place with the handy flip lock feature and you're finished. 
Tracks are made of strong, durable aluminium and are available in Silver, White or Bronze. Fitting hardware is included.
  • Tracks mount into the interior frame using existing security plate screw holes
  • Works with all security plates included with Medium, Large and XL door, wall and Top Swing PlexiDors
  • The lock and key are not affected and still operate. The Plexidor should still be locked with the key when the security plate is in the sliding tracks as there is a slight gap between the interior frame and the plate, which means that the plate could be removed through that gap.
* Please note - All Medium, Large & XL door and wall units are supplied with the steel security plate as standard, which screws onto the interior frame. The Sliding Track pieces are an optional extra for those customers who do not wish to have use a screwdriver every time they fit the security plate.